Attorney Rohr acquired his comprehensive competences as qualified legal advisor within many years of legal work and various different academic occupations.

Subsequently to obtaining his law degree at the University of Bonn, he completed his traineeship within the judicial service in Bremen. Additionally to familiarizing himself with the various facets of the judicial practice through observations during his studies, he had already been employed in a renowned law firm for three years simultaneously. Hereby it can clearly be indicated that his determination of eventually becoming a practicing lawyer developed remarkably early.

After attaining the second state examination, Mr. Rohr pursued five years of work as a judge at the Administrative Court of Bremen – a period of his life he considers as the ‘third state exam’.

In 1971 Bremen already was a city increasingly known for the University of Applied Economics, a predecessor of today’s ‘Hochschule Bremen’ (University of Applied Sciences Bremen), at which Mr. Rohr worked as a lecturer in the field of Business Ethics and Law and ultimately was elected to become Rector. Mr. Rohr played an essential role in the training of experts in business administration. In cooperation with colleague and judge Professor Pottschmidt, he published various study books, covering almost every aspect of Civil and Commercial Law.

Throughout his activities as professor, he accomplished widely appreciated work in terms of the internationalization of the Hochschule Bremen by establishing several new international study programmes and teaching in English at foreign universities worldwide.



Professional Background


1957 – 1962 Studies of Law and Economics at University Bonn
1962 First State Examination in Law at Oberlandesgericht Köln
1962 – 1966 Post-Graduate Civil Service Trainee in Bremen
1966 Second State Examination in Law at Oberlandesgericht Hamburg
1966 – 1971 Judge at Bremen Administrative Court
1971 – 1976 Lecturer at Hochschule für Wirtschaft Bremen
1975 – 1979 Rector of Hochschule für Wirtschaft Bremen
1976 – 2001 Professor at Hochschule für Wirtschaft Bremen, later Bremen University of Applied Sciences
Subjects: Civil Law, Commercial Law, Public and Private Business Law and Business Ethics
1986 – 2001 Director of several Institutes at Bremen University of Applied Sciences
1997 – 2001 Development and Head of several degree courses of Bremen University of Applied Sciences
1999 – 2001 Dean of School of International Business of Bremen University of Applied Sciences
1990 – 2015 Director of Euro-Service Institute of Bremen University of Applied Sciences
2002 – 2016 Interlocal Professional Partnership of Lawyers with Professor Günter Pottschmidt, retired President of Higher Administrative Court
2016 Sole Lawyer


An overview of selected publications of Professor Rohr can be found here.