Startseite, Rechtsanwalt Prof. Rohr mit Klientin



to the Law Firm of attorney and professor Ulrich G. Rohr, who is going to provide you with the qualified and competent advice necessary for the solution of your legal problems.

With many years of experience as a judge, a university teacher and an advocate in a broad field of our economic life and his understanding of difficult social and of individual human conflicts are the basis to support you in an independent and trustful way to safeguard your interests.

A lawyer is trained to analyze legal conflicts and to have a profound understanding of the law, in order to find the most appropriate and beneficial solution for his client.

Within this process it is his task to assess the root cause of the dispute. The comprehensive establishment of the underlying facts and antagonistic arguments and motives are essential prerequisites for a holistic legal evaluation.

The legal work requires more than the sole knowledge of law and being familiar with the methods of its application. The competences of an attorney also include the willingness and life experience in order to provide his client with ideal legal advice. Within the framework of a legal counsellor’s work, successful cooperation and trust on the part of his client are vital. These aspects being fulfilled, the legal counsellor will be able to advocate his client’s interests with commitment and loyalty.